Want to make it easy for your customers to navigate the website?

Eye-tracking experiments provide us the opportunity to take a deep look at consumer behavior on the web and analyze it to the very small details. With usability tests, we can measure and interpret the performance of every element in the web or an app. By analyzing the tracking results, it is also possible to optimize the registration and purchase processes. Results also help our clients to evaluate the visibility of advertising materials or redesign the purchasing environment.

Since more than 80% of consumers browse the Internet on smartphones and other mobile devices we have developed a special approach for researching consumer behavior in these devices. For regular smartphone and tablet research, we use eye-tracking glasses. When higher accuracy is needed, we use a special stationery eye-tracking based mobile device stand. While more robust and intrusive, it gives the most accurate eye-tracking results.

How do we do it?

We offer website design testing with either a desktop mounted stationary eye tracker or with mobile eye-tracker. The last can be used for testing the webpage on any device. We measure emotions through facial expressions to examine a consumer’s emotional responses.


Window to your consumer’s eyes

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Measuring emotions

Understand your customers feelings

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Did you know?

Most of the main problems with the usability and user experience of web pages get identified with the first two or three test subjects. While cursor tracking gives an idea of ​​how a person is using and experiencing a web page, cursor movement often does not match up with a person’s gaze and attention. Eye-tracking gives a better understanding of how a person perceives the webpage.