How easy is it for customers to navigate in your environment?

Customers can easily get confused and frustrated if it takes time to find a product, service or place they need. Ease of movement and finding information is crucially important at the shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and business centers.

We’ll help you to determine if signposts, billboards, and house guides are properly positioned and designed to help your clients

Want your customers to spend more?

The logic of buying one product is not the same as buying another. Therefore, it is also necessary to display different products differently. If the customer does not find the product that suits their needs quickly and conveniently, he or she may abandon the purchase or prefer another store where the goods are easier to find. We help you optimize the placement of products on shelves as well as determine the impact of different promotional materials based on the visibility of given products.

How do we do it?

We use eye-tracking glasses to map how a person sees the physical environment. The glasses record the entire customer journey as a video of what they saw, and it shows exactly where the customer was looking.

We give test-subjects the tasks they have to solve in an environment. The subject may pass the environment alone and then we will analyze his behavior from the recording later. It is often sensible for the subject to be accompanied by a researcher, who will ask the subject to comment on their actions and choices.


Window to your consumer’s eyes

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Measuring emotions

Understand your customers feelings

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