How do I know If my ad is working?

Often the emotions or desires that are created by various ads are unknown to the customer. However, it also remains unknown whether campaign spending was worth it. We help you determine what emotions or feelings your ads are generating in your customers, and help you determine if your ad is working as it should be.

Do you want your ads to be noticed more?

Neuromarketing can determine how well an advertisement stands out, weather important messages are getting noticed and how logical and understandable the ad design is, including what elements are noticed in what order. In addition to print ads, television ads can also be analyzed to understand which elements in the ad triggers a positive emotion and which is most relevant to the customer.

How do we do it?

Ads can be tested in both the Neuromarketing Lab and also at the physical environment where the ad is located. We use eye-tracking glasses and screen-based eye-tracking methods to conduct our research. Both methods record the test-subject gaze movement, showing exactly where the customer was looking at and what emotions were getting triggered.

Web banners, TV commercials, or individual designs are usually analyzed using the screen-based eye tracking method. When we want to analyze street ads or in-store promotion materials we would use eye-tracking glasses.

With the screen-based eye tracking, we ask the test-subject to view the individual print or TV ads one by one. TV ads are shown in a randomized order and mimic a TV commercial break. After it (depending on the research) we could ask their preferences, what they remember or other questions.

For in-store research, we give the test-subjects specific tasks to do in the shop like a shopping list or a task to find some specific product. For both methods, consumer behavior is analyzed later, adding some descriptive statistics and carefully reviewing the recordings.

Results are usually analyzed based on averages. The results of each test subject are looked at in detail, and all positive and negative moments and observations are noted. You can also see highlighted aggregate results for the points of interest in the form of heatmaps.


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Did you know?

The people’s faces in TV commercials will always get our attention. It’s impossible not to look at faces, and this derives from our psychology.