Recently we had a great pleasure to be part of a research project written by a student of Jaan Poska Gymnasium. In her work, Birgit Alvre gets to know the subconscious, investigates the nature of subliminal and supraliminal messages and their necessity in marketing. She also gives an overview of neuromarketing and our laboratory, as part of which she interviewed one of our founders Kristian Pentus.

The video interview gives a good overview of the laboratory’s main activities. We answer the questions that our quests also often ask us while visiting. In the video Kristian talks more about the birth of the laboratory – when and on whose initiative the lab started. What are the three main functions and what tools we use in our lab, as well as what are the future prospects of the Neuromarketing laboratory.

We are always very happy to do interesting collaborations with students and contribute to the completion of their research papers. Both in and out of the university.

You can read Birgit’s paper from here.