Attention! Yes we do measure it in neuromarketing. But the fact is, many researchers do it poorly. There are some overlooked aspects of research methodology that neuromarketing field struggles with. These aspects need attention as well. Back in 2021, Kristian did a presentation on this topic in a panel at ENLIGHT SSEL conference.

He discussed the simple yet substantial problem about definitions. The way a researcher defines (or does not define) a fixation can change what our research outcomes are. Secondly our eye-tracking methods have an impact on the results. Kristian revisits a method comparison paper to highlight this. And thirdly, virtual reality eye-tracking is discussed.

  1. Definition of fixation can make or break a hypothesis. It has a big effect on results and is easily overlooked and rarely clearly brought out
  2. Screen based eye-tracking influences people to view objects from the centre
  3. Virtual Reality eye-tracking suffers from unreported inclusion of experienced or inexperienced test subjects, and the effect they have

The panel was about replication crisis, and Kristian shared the limelight with Kairi Kreegipuu and Uku Vainik.